Started in 2013, Beyond Medical Group has successfully built several iconic healthcare brands. From concept, to design, to realisation and launch, we ensure the clinics under BMG are profitable and competitive. All the clinics under our group enjoy logistic, organisational and administrative support so that our doctors can concentrate purely on clinical work and patient care delivery.

Beyond Medical Group

The BMG Team

Back at our corporate office, the team is experienced in managing regulatory affairs, licensing, healthcare staffing and publicity guidelines in Singapore to help launch, strengthen and proliferate any healthcare brand. We do this by leveraging our talented team and dynamic capital to help doctors achieve their full potential. In partnership with our doctors, we exercise mutual respect and deep understanding of their clinical practice. It is the doctors’ prerogative to design the clinic operation, clinical care paths and care delivery.

We welcome doctors with an aspiration to start or expand their private medical centre to contact us for a discussion.

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At BMG, our mission is to build long-term profitable medical and wellness centres. Through strategic partnerships with skilled and experienced physicians and surgeons supported by a team of experienced administrative professionals, we deliver quality primary healthcare services.


We aim to be a leader in the private health care industry in Singapore by becoming the partner of choice for primary healthcare providers.


Key Differentiators

Beyond Medical Group invests in doctors with great potential in private healthcare in Singapore. This is supported by our strong investment as financial backing, corporate shared services and strong marketing strategy to construct clear executions for success.

Experienced Healthcare Team

  • A team with vast marketing and sales experience in the healthcare sector
  • Proven ability to harness healthcare marketing and management expertise

Strong Network Of Industry Relationships

  • Ease of access to local and global insurance and TPA to establish necessary affiliations and panel listing
  • Ready network of medical agencies to work with, in terms of patient referrals (both locally and regionally)

Core Focus In Healthcare Investment

  • Our proven track record in building and growing our healthcare brand is a testament to our doctor-equity model
  • Strong financial support from the group add tangible value at operational and strategic level (especially in marketing aspect)

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