Beyond Medical Assistance’s Care Coordinators: Ensuring That Your International Patient Journey To Singapore Is Seamless, Swift And Safe

Singapore is a world-class medical tourist hub, attracting over 500,000 medical tourists annually from all over the globe, particularly Asia. Numerous patients from overseas choose to seek treatment in Singapore because of the country’s many internationally accredited clinics, state-of-the-art medical technologies and highly qualified specialist doctors.

However, getting outside your comfort zone by seeking medical treatment in a foreign country can be somewhat daunting. When preparing for your flight to Singapore, the last thing you would want to be is uncertain. This is because the potential difficulties in, for instance, commuting from your hotel to the selected clinic and having a language barrier with the new healthcare team, can be anxiety-inducing.   

Beyond Medical Care Coordinators: Elevating Patient Experience to New Heights

Thankfully, you can gain the peace of mind that you crave by engaging Beyond Medical Group’s seamless, dependable, and all-encompassing medical concierge services called Beyond Medical Assistance.

We recognise the challenges, both physical and emotional, that come with seeking medical care away from your home country. These challenges impact not only the patients but also their caregivers and travel companions. Understanding this concern, Beyond Medical Assistance, which is located in Singapore, has been continually grooming reliable and friendly Assist-n-Care Coordinators to help medical tourists  

Our care coordinators were carefully selected based on their excellent track records as Service Excellence Ambassadors and Customer Care Leaders in Singapore’s leading Airline Carrier, Singapore Airlines. Moreover, all of them underwent comprehensive training in medical support service excellence. Their intensive training course includes cultural sensitivity, emergency response protocols, and patient communication skills. This extensive preparation empowers them with the knowledge and confidence to consistently deliver exceptional medical concierge service. 

Our diverse team, comprising members from various nationalities, is devoted to providing you with a pleasant, personalised international patient experience. We will walk with you right from the very start of your healthcare journey in Singapore, from pre-arrival preparations to post-treatment care and other services. All the arrangements will be communicated in your native language. 

Upon engaging our services, a dedicated and single point of contact will be assigned to manage all aspects of your medical administrative needs, followed by an introduction to your designated care coordinator, who will endeavour to make your time as an international patient in Singapore simply a breeze.

How Can Beyond’s Care Coordinators Help Patients?

Providing Empathetic, Friendly Medical Assistance 

Our care coordinators go beyond typical roles, offering not just medical help but also emotional support to patients and their caregivers.  Our well-trained coordinators are well-versed in Singapore’s healthcare system. After empathetically understanding your unique health condition and situation, they can connect you to the right specialist doctors, escort you from your hotel to the clinic and be your valuable assistant in numerous medical administrative tasks. We strongly believe in treating all patients with compassion as this creates a warm and comforting environment, helping them deal with the challenges of their medical conditions.

Bridging the Language Barrier and Other Cultural Gaps

Navigating healthcare in foreign countries can be challenging at times, especially for those with health issues. This is where Beyond Medical Assistance’s care coordinators step in to bridge the gap. Our coordinators are well-versed in the following:

  • Offering translation services for multiple languages: our coordinators are competent in multiple languages, such as English, Mandarin, Hindi and Malay. This includes translating medical records, instructions, and communication during consultations. They can also arrange for on-site interpreters during medical appointments to facilitate real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring accurate communication. 
  • Adopting a culturally sensitive approach:  addressing patients in a culturally respectful manner, adapting communication styles to suit the cultural preferences of patients, and explaining cultural differences.

Giving prompt aid for serious medical cases

In critical medical situations, time is of the essence, thus having the assistance of our care coordinators is crucial and empowering. Leveraging their experience being on the frontline as former cabin crew members, they bring essential crisis management skills to the forefront, providing invaluable assistance in challenging circumstances. Our care coordinators are skilled at managing highly stressful medical situations. They can quickly organise and coordinate evacuation plans, as well as ensure the safe transfer of patients to the right medical facilities. Patients and their families can feel assured, knowing they are in capable and trusting hands, even in the most demanding situations.

* Those dealing with life-threatening cases that require immediate care, such as physical trauma, should head straight to the nearby Accident and Emergency department.

Improving the overall patient experience 

Beyond Medical Assistance endeavours to positively impact patients, their caregivers and the healthcare industry as a whole.  We strive to elevate the standard of patient care, setting a new benchmark for patient service excellence. Care coordinators enhance the overall patient experience and reduce the additional workload often burdening the healthcare professionals. This additional support enables healthcare professionals to concentrate fully on medical procedures while the coordinators handle non-medical needs such as assisting with tasks like hotel arrangements, admission processes, and settlement of Letters of Guarantee with Insurance providers. Therefore, we contribute to a seamless and stress-free journey for both patients and healthcare providers.

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