Experienced Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Lee Mun Heng

Experienced in Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Face

Experienced in Minimally Invasive Techniques for the Face

Over a decade of experience in minimally invasive procedures for facelifts, eyelids and eyebag rejuvenation. Trained with leading surgeons and physicians from Japan, South Korea and Europe.

Evidence-based Scientific Treatments for Safer, Faster, Better Recovery

Latest and effective minimally invasive alternatives to plastic surgery for lifting the face, rejuvenating the skin and contouring the body.

Patient-Focused Care

A collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to aesthetics to bring holistic care with optimal results.

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Areas We Treat


  • Cheek Fillers
  • Chin Fillers
  • Double Chin Reduction
  • Facelift 
  • HIFU Treatment
  • Lip Fillers
  • Nose Fillers
  • Nose Threadlift
  • Skin Boosters
  • Face Threadlift


  • Dark Eye Circle Reduction
  • Eye Bag Reduction
  • Under Eye Fillers
  • Eye Rejuvenation


  • Acne Scar Removal
  • Acne Treatment
  • Back Acne Treatment
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Melasma Treatment
  • Pigmentation Removal
  • Pimple Scar Removal
  • Rosacea Treatment
  • Wrinkle Reduction


  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Reduction
  • Laser Hair Removal 
  • Underarm Lightening
  • Scar Removal

Treatments We Do


  • AGNES Revo Eyebag Removal
  • Doublo Gold HIFU
  • Airjet Facelift
  • Gold PTT Acne Treatment
  • Neogen Plasma (Face)
  • Neogen Plasma (Eye Lift)
  • Plexr Eye Lift
  • Profhilo
  • Profhilo Neck
  • Profhilo Body
  • Rejuran 
  • Sculptra
  • Venus Viva


  • FOTONA 4D Laser Facelift 
  • FOTONA Eye Rejuvenation
  • FOTONA Laser Lip Plumping
  • PICO 450 Laser
  • Pro Yellow Laser

Experienced Aesthetic Doctor 

Dr Lee Mun Heng

Dr Lee Mun Heng is the Medical Director of Cambridge Medical Group and is driven by a passion for helping his patients look their best. With more than 15 years of medical aesthetics experience and a graduate of the world-renowned University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Dr Lee aims to draw out one’s natural beauty by applying safe, minimally invasive and holistic procedures. He is also a key opinion leader in the realm of aesthetic technology, often travelling the world to seek out the latest and most effective treatments.

He has trained with leading surgeons and physicians from Japan, South Korea to Europe — all leaders in their respective fields of laser aesthetics and minimally invasive techniques for facelifts, eyelid and eye bag rejuvenation. Prior to his private practice, Dr Lee was also an appointed trainer for Galderma, a leading pharmaceutical company in aesthetics that produces fillers and biostimulating injectables.

Dr Lee is also the proud founder of the multi-speciality, Beyond Medical Group. He works closely with his specialist colleagues in the group to deliver holistic and integrative care for their patients. He strongly believes in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach in the practice of medicine to optimise care for every patient.

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Led by specialists with over 15 years of knowledge in every field of medical expertise and an experienced healthcare management team, we are dedicated to providing an enhanced healthcare experience and personalised patient care.

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