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Beyond Medical Group is a collective of medical specialists and healthcare management professionals who believe in providing quality patient-centric medical care and a seamless healthcare journey.

Excellence in Marketing Transformation 2022

Outstanding Achiever Healthcare Game Changer Award 2022

SME500 Singapore Award Winner 2022

Recognition in Business Excellence and Exceptional Leadership 2022/2023

Top Business Service And Quality Award 2022/2023

SME Excellence Award Achievers in Recognition for Business Excellence

About Beyond Medical Group

Established in 2013, Beyond Medical Group’s main prerogative is to build iconic healthcare brands in Singapore from the ground up, putting a large focus on comprehensive clinic management and support. We set the foundation for a clinic to remain relevant and competitive, with quality patient-centric care and service excellence in mind. The management team is helmed by healthcare professionals, each with more than a decade of experience within the realm of healthcare management.

Beyond Medical Group’s headquarter provides extensive support to all its clinics, including strong financial backing, an in-house marketing department, human resource functions and general accounting services. This allows our doctors to focus solely on their clinical work and patient care delivery.

To date, Beyond Medical Group holds a portfolio of 17 doctors and 24 centres in Singapore.

What We Do

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our group undergoes rapid expansion through the timely mergers and acquisitions of clinics. This means increased economies of scale, market share, diversification and synergy across our clinics, which ultimately benefits all our stakeholders and doctors.

Strategic Partnerships

With decades of combined experience in the healthcare sector, our Corporate Partnership Development Unit is well-equipped to connect international patients to our doctors and is always in the know about local and regional health events.

Branding and Marketing

Every clinic’s branding and digital outreach are borne from the efforts of our doctors and the marketing team. Always on the lookout for the next new trend or medical breakthrough, this helps the marketing team stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

Human Resource

Our Human Resource (HR) department has a thorough vetting process to find the right talents with like-minded people who share the same goals in providing quality healthcare service. We ensure all employees and clinic staff feel safe, valued and properly supported.

Finance & Accounting

Doctors can focus on providing quality care while the finance and accounting team works on managing each clinic’s assets, ensuring efficient financial management and what is necessary to support the business’ activities. These benefits then spill over to patients through more affordable healthcare services for all.


At BMG, our mission is to build environmentally-, socially- and economically-sustainable medical and wellness centres. Through strategic partnerships with skilled and experienced physicians and surgeons, supported by BMG’s team of experienced healthcare management professionals, we provide quality, patient-centric medical care.


We aim to be a leader in Singapore's private healthcare industry.

Our Doctors

Dr Lee Mun Heng
Dr Lee Mun Heng
Aesthetic Doctor
Cambridge Medical Group
Dr Samuel Ho
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Allure Plastic Surgery
Dr Aaron Poh
Dr Aaron Poh
Consultant General Surgeon
Alpine Surgical Practice
Dr Aneez
Dr Aneez Ahmed
Senior Consultant Thoracic Surgeon
International Centre for Thoracic Surgery
Dr James Wee
Dr James Wee
Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Oxford Orthopaedics
Dr Joshua Loh
Dr Joshua Loh
Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Capital Heart Centre
Dr Devinder Singh
Senior Consultant Cardiologist
& Electrophysiologist
Cadence Heart Centre
Dr Sein Lwin
Dr Sein Lwin
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
Advanced Brain & Spine Surgical Centre
Dr Fiona Wu
Dr Fiona Wu
Senior Consultant Urologist
Aare Urocare
Dr Benjamin Yip
Dr Benjamin Yip
Consultant Gastroenterologist
Alpha Digestive & Liver Centre
Dr Colum Patrick Nolan
Dr Colum Nolan
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
Oxford Spine and Neurosurgery Centre
Dr Terence Lim Senior Consultant Urologist
Dr Terence Lim
Senior Consultant Urologist
Assure Urology & Robotic Centre
Dr Shirley Kwee from Cambridge Medical
Dr Shirley Kwee
Aesthetic Doctor
Cambridge Medical Group
Dr Charis Au
Family Physician
Assure Family Clinic
Dr Vikram Sonawane
Senior Consultant
Harmony Thyroid, Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre
Dr Annie Law
Senior Consultant Rheumatologist
Asia Arthritis &
Rheumatology Centre
Dr Reyaz Singaporewalla
Senior Consultant Endocrine & General Surgeon
Ace Surgery & Endoscopy
Dr Jerry Chen
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Alps Orthopaedic Centre
Dr Ker Liang
Consultant Otolaryngologist
Aglow ENT Centre

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